Monday, June 16, 2014

The Actual Denali Schedule

Here is what we actually did - I only have room in this format, to put the actual dates, and not any of the "likely" or "ideal" dates.

0 4/30/14 Portland (PDX) to Anchorage (ANC) Flight
0 4/30/14 Van to Talkeetna/Weigh gear, pay for Kahiltna flight
1 5/1/14 Orientation, and wait for flight to Kahiltna Glacier
1 5/1/14 Fly to Kahiltna (waited all day for fuel, stayed here)
2 5/2/14 Kahiltna Airport to Ski Hill Camp (single carry)
3 5/3/14 Carry to 9800ft and cache (return to Ski Hill)
4 5/4/14 Moved to 9400ft
5 5/5/14 Storm.  Stayed at 9400ft
6 5/6/14 Storm.  Stayed at 9400ft
7 5/7/14 Storm, but got some food from our 9800ft cache
8 5/8/14 Kahiltna Pass to Motorcycle Hill (single carry)
9 5/9/14 Picked up 9800ft cache
10 5/10/14 Picked up Kahiltna airport cache
11 5/11/14 Cache carry to Basin Camp
12 5/12/14 Move to Basin Camp
13 5/13/14 Rest
14 5/14/14 Cache carry to 16300ft
15 5/15/14 rest (bad weather)
16 5/16/14 Cache carry to 16300ft
17 5/17/14 rest (bad weather)
18 5/18/14 rest (bad weather)
19 5/19/14 Tried to move to High Camp - too windy
20 5/20/14 Move to High Camp
21 5/21/14 Picked up 16300ft cache
22 5/22/14 Rest
23 5/23/14 South Peak Summit Day/return to High Camp
25 5/25/14 Return to Basin Camp (pick up sleds, if left, here)
26 5/26/14 Rest
27 5/27/14 Return to Motorcycle Hill Camp (pick up sleds, if here)
28 5/28/14 Return to Kahiltna Airport (Base Camp)
29 5/29/14 Snow storm
30 5/30/14 Snow storm
31 5/31/14 Snow storm
32 6/1/14 Return to Talkeetna
33 6/2/14 Take shuttle to Anchorage
34 6/3/14 Stay with the Joneses
35 6/4/14 Stay with the Joneses
36 6/5/14 Stay with the Joneses
37 6/6/14 Stay with the Joneses
38 6/7/14 Return to Portland

May you always have a plan, so you know what to change!


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Lost My iPhone on the top of North America!

The good news is that we were part of the 19% of climbers who were able to get to the summit of Denali, so far, this year!  The bad news is that while I was on the summit, I managed to lose my iphone (cell phone), which means that I've lost a lot of my phone contact info for many of you. 
After a week of waiting for snowstorms to abate, we have just landed back into the little town of Talkeetna.  From there, we'll head back to Anchorage, Alaska, visiting with some friends, and then, finally, back to Portland.  We've yet to schedule that flight.  After we get back home, I'll be dealing with the cell phone issue. 
We "only" went to the South Peak (the top of North America).  After the exhausting 12 hours to summit, and about 4-1//2 hours back to high camp, we weren't ready to attempt the North Peak.  Neither was the weather going to allow us another opportunity for another couple of weeks.  I'd allowed for 30 days (which people laughed at, prior to us going), but those 30 days were used up with just the South Peak, and the expected subsequent storms.  So, we headed down the hill without a chance to attempt the (easier) North Peak.  It's a little sad, but, at the moment, I'm reveling in being able to use a toilet and the ability to take a shower, and absolutely thrilled that we were able to beat the odds and get on the summit on what turned out to be a spectacular day!!!!!!  No wind - cold as could be - but clear, clear skies!!!!!!