Monday, April 14, 2014

"Following" our progress on Denali/Mt. McKinley

Many have asked how to "follow" us as we're doing our climb.  We won't be doing a blog or anything, as we did when I attempted Denali two years ago, because we're not doing a fundraiser, as we did back then (although I'm expecting to take the Cure JM banner to try to get the summit picture with it!);  however, we will be taking the SPOT device, again.  We hope that it will work better for us, this time, than it did, last time.  Only time will tell! 

So, if you want to "follow" us, go to the link: Track Leora and Jay starting on May 1st.  We expect to send out one or more OK messages per day, if we travel anywhere - or one OK message per day if we're "stuck" due to storm or illness.  Sometimes we'll be moving up to cache some stuff, and then be going down to sleep, so we really might be going up and down in a single day.  If we send out a "CUSTOM" message, that means that we've made the summit.  The spot is set up to post to Facebook for every message, as well.

We did a test, today, so if you go to the website, today, you should see that we sent out an "OK" message while somewhere east of my house.  Later, we sent out a "CUSTOM" message, which means we sent out a "We made the summit!!!" message.  If you click on the little number next to the GPS point on the map, it will tell you what type (OK or CUSTOM) of message was sent.

May you always know where you are,

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